SUNDAY 27th August 2023

Programme of Events

 7.30 am     Show Grounds open for admission of exhibits.

 9.00 am      Oughterard Community Centre opens for admission of exhibits

 9.00 am     Judging of Ridden Classes – Ring 3    

10.00 am    Judging of In-Hand Ponies – Ring 1

11.00 am     Judging of Sheep

12.00 noon Judging of Connemara Foals – Ring 2

From 12 noon      Entries taken for Dog at Dog Section

12.30 pm    Judging of Cattle

 1.00 pm      Entries taken for Childrens Section

 1.30 pm     Judging of Horses – Ring 2

 1.30pm      Judging of Dogs

 2.00 pm     Domestic Arts Section opens for viewing in the Oughterard Community Centre, Main St,

 2.30 pm     Judging of Childrens Section

 3.00 pm     Oughterard All Ireland 37th Ridden Registered Connemara

Performance Pony Championship Final

 3.00 pm     Western Region Irish Draught Foal Championship

 4.00 pm     Judging of Donkeys – in Cattle Ring

 4.00 pm (c)Tug of War – Ring 2

 5.30 pm     Donkey Derby – weather permitting